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My goal is for you to better reach, attract and recruit the right talent for your company.

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I'm an experienced EMEA talent acquisition and recruitment specialist. That means I help ambitious companies reach, attract and recruit the right talent.

Not one to brag but, I have extensive global experience in, end-to-end delivery of hires, developed and implemented talent identification strategies, and when it comes to sourcing, I'm a certified Social Talent Black Belt. This means I have ninja-like powers in all things Boolean, X-ray sourcing, social media sourcing, and internet sourcing.

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Will is an exceptionally gifted recruitment and account manager. He has a knack of sourcing people in very difficult positions and does it with a sense of ease. I was very impressed with how we managed SGS in Norway and from my experience he dealt with one of our key clients in this country in a timely and professional manner. I have always found Will to be a friendly and approachable person and I would not hesitate to recommend him to clients/ candidates in the future!

James P.
Business Development Manager | RPO

It is my pleasure to recommend Will! Will and I worked together at SGS where Will was noted as a sourcing wizard and the go-to for the complicated kind of searches I can barely remember the name of. He is dedicated, conscientious and bursting with creativity. If there is a useful techy tool or technique Will doesn’t know, he won’t rest until he does – making him a continually developing asset to any team. He continues to be missed by all of us!

Samantha B.
Global Operations Manager

I worked with Will on several complicated recruitment projects in Africa and the Middle East. I would like to recommend Will as a highly professional person with a deep understanding of the market and industry.

Will is always able to find the best candidates on the market. He is very professional, result-oriented and able to help. He is not afraid of new markets and his ability to learn fast.

So if you are looking for recruitment provider or job opportunity in oil&gas or mining sphere I strongly recommend you to contact Will.

Ekaterina C.
HR Business Manager

A real pleasure to work with a PRO! I strongly recommend Will as a real friend and a helping hand! Very serious and trustworthy. I’ve earned a real friend! Thanks, Will for your kind support!

Octavian F.
General Manager la Intertek

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